• Bestiary

    The Restless

    The Restless is the name given to any undead creatures that are bound to a single place, time or sometimes both because of some tragic or terrible event. This event holds them in the physical world and prevents them from passing over to the otherworld. For many of the Restless dead, this event was the cause of their death and it is a desire and hunger for vengeance or to understand what happened to them that keeps their spirit bound to the mortal realm; these are the Unforgiving Dead. The strength of their emotional bond to the place and time of their death and a lust to take revenge upon those parties that may have caused it ties them inextricably to this plane and prevents their passage through the Veil. Other Unforgiving are held not by dark emotions but a sense of sorrow and a desire to seek justice or comprehend the reason for their death, so that they may pass over. Often these Restless may look to the mortals of the land for assistance in releasing their spirit from its anchor.

    Conversely, the other Restless are not bound to the mortal realm because they have a geas to fulfil or revenge to be sought. The host of the Unwelcome Dead are as, their name suggests, prevented from passing through the Veil and over to the otherworld because it is not their time or they are cursed; never to return to the green fields of Faerie or rolling hills of Tir na nÓg. These Restless are often held from passing over by dark magic or the binding rituals of Asarlaí. Others still are simply prevented from crossing the Veil by the agents of the gods themselves as their curse is the shadow in their souls; a fading light that nevermore may be welcome in the bosom of the Goddess. These Unwelcome Dead have been denounced by the gods and are damned to an eternity of torment in the mortal realm.

    All Restless share one thing in common; they are linked to a place or location and often a specific time. This is sometimes the place of their death but may also be a specific geographic location in the case of Restless that are held from passing through the Veil by magic or enchantment, such as a haunted broch or soured river. Others still may be wandering the mortal realm seeking out the place that is holding them here. For heroes seeking to help a harrowed Restless release their spirit, the answer often lies in such a location.