• Wyldlands


    Wyldlands is a live- and table-top role-playing system set in an alternative, Iron-Age kingdom comprising England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The world is based on the Golden Age of the Celts and spans a period of some three thousand years, from the birth of the universe at The Age of Creation, through The Age of Dawning, an age of goddesses and high magic through to the Age of Twilight, a time of violence and conflict and the setting for the game.

    The Wyldlands RPG seamlessly fuses live-action with table-top rules, allowing you to play characters in a traditional LARP setting or around a table with dice. We’re still working on the game, taking the material we started work on over ten years ago, refining it  and adding polish. Features of the finished game will include:

    • A rich background history based on modern interpretation of the legends and folk-tales of Ancient Britain.
    • Pick from races and callings including the bloodthirsty Gaiscíoch, the quick-tongued Gruagach, the fearsome Fomorian and the shadowy Asarlaí.
    • Dozens of skills to enhance your live-action role-playing experience and table-top character’s abilities.
    • Open-ended character progression; no levels, no restrictions on what your character can learn. Want to be a Nature Magic wielding Draoi armed with a Falx and a shield? You can.
    • A structured task resolution system that quickly translates from live-action to table-top and back again.
    • A fast-flowing and cinematic table-top combat system that mirrors the pace of live-action combat.
    • An extensive magic system based upon the power of the Goddess. Disable your enemies with the Curse of the Fitful Arm. Heal your allies with the Gift of Vitality. Speak to the denizens of the otherworld with the Song of the Severed Head.
    • Over twenty years experience of live and table-top role-playing bound into one rulebook, with hints, tips on organising and overseeing adventures, contact addresses and web-links.
    • Includes a full live or table-top adventure, “Shadows Over Dun Carrach”, with detailed scale maps, tips on prop design and referees advice.