• About Us

    Hobyah Press is a couple of blokes from the North of England who have been friends since they were kids and gaming since the first day they met (which, incidentally, was over a game of Palladium’s TMNT & Other Strangeness – don’t ask, but that should give you an idea how of how old they are).

    Since getting the LARP bug in the early ’90s, they worked on a live-action game system based around their love of all things gritty, Celtic, mythological and mystical. Two years of play-testing with friends and family + a brief stint running their own live-action group and they decided to take the game and integrate a table-top system to sit alongside the LARP rules. They aimed to finish and publish this around 2001-2002 but, despite interest from a couple of publishers, real-life got in the way. Now they feel they’re in a position to finish what they started and so Hobyah Press (the name they used back in the days of yore…) has been resurrected.

    Andy is a geek, hacker and dad to two little Hobyah’s. When he’s not coming up with game ideas and trying to focus on content instead of messing around with typesetting, he works as a software developer and does bad things to database servers.

    James lives off the grid; it’s how he rolls and it’s safer for anyone that gets close to him that way. He’s remarkably talented when it comes to illustration and is solely responsible for all the art associated with Wyldlands. He’s also rather handy with a bow. We’ve said too much.