• State of the Game – woah it’s 2015

    by  • April 25, 2015 • Hobyah Press, State of the Game, Writing, Wyldlands

    This is one of those “the game isn’t dead” posts. As I’ve said before, Wyldlands is pretty much a labour of love for James and myself. Even if we just end up with a bunch of (brilliantly-written, gorgeously-illustrated…) hardbacks for ourselves and our playtesters, we’ll be happy. Hence us taking our time. We have day jobs. We’re passionate about lots of things (and family and friends start at the top). We like stuff. So, on a dreary (seriously, what happened to the weather overnight?) Saturday morning in the north of England, here’s a list of stuff we like:

    • D&D 5e. Seriously. We’re late to the game but this is fun – I picked up the Starter Set to play with my kids; James picked up the PHB and DMG and what do you know, we’re (hopefully) starting a new gaming group.
    • Gaming groups. They rock. We already have enough interest to start running two games of something.
    • Indie RPGs. They also rock. I’m currently reading through the v1.0 PDF of Fear The Living by John Thomas Jessop and it’s COOL! (Also: potentially, dark and horrific.) I’m hoping to run this for a few sessions (at least) with our new gaming group. Playtest, playtest, playtest.
    • Playtesters. See “gaming group”, above. We’re going to be hammering away at Wyldlands soon. The hero element is getting more heroic. I’m happy with the crunch. We have some cool mechanics in place for things like Reputation (how your story is told), Heroic Aspects (cool stuff you are) and Heroic Feats (cool stuff you can do just like Cú Chulainn or Conan).

    Woah! It’s 2015.