• Welcome to Hobyah Press

    Rune Magic section art

    Hobyah Press is an independent role-playing game studio based in the North-West of England. Our first serious project was Wyldlands, which we started some seventeen years or so ago and never finished thanks to the wonders of impending parenthood and a sudden requirement to be responsible. We want to change that now so we’re working on rewriting the core rules to bring them up to date to reflect the way games have developed and grown since we were lads! Wyldlands is now shaping up to be a game of heroic role-playing set in mythical Celtic Britain; where characters can be anything from peasants to heroes that rival the likes of CuChulainn.

    If you’re interested in the development of Wyldlands please drop us a line via the contact page, follow us on Twitter or hang out with us on Google+.